Hey, You Smilin’ at Me?

Ever notice how easy it is to stare into a baby’s eyes and wonder, hey, what’s going on in there?

Or ever been riding the train, or wherever you’re stuck sitting, and catch the eye of a baby? Or a child that’s a bit older but possibly in their parent’s arms? When they’re still dependent on those closest to them for pretty much everything.

Unless you’re abjectly allergic to anyone under the age of six, usually you smile. The exchange starts with a bit of a staring contest. Then the faces begin, or sounds, or movements to see what your younger friend will do.

A language of exchange is made and you each get lost in each other’s eyes. Both locked in this little game of “Hey, how ya doin.”

Words are often thrown away. When only one of you can speak a conversation’s tricky. But undaunted you continue, in a language of gestures, faces and sounds.

YOU – Mouth opens wide:
TRANSLATION: Wow, can you believe this place?

SMALL FREIND – Head bobs around and points:
TRANSLATION: Yeah, crazy, what the heck are we doing here?

YOU – Eye’s lock in with a big smile:
TRANSLATION: I know, but now we’re here together! Lets have some fun!

SMALL FRIEND – Double head bob, arch back, reaches out hand!
TRANSLATION: Oh yeah, let’s do THIS THANG!

YOU – Double eye brow bop back with a tongue poke!

This usually goes for a while, sometimes others even join in the fun.

Eventually it’s time to say goodbye…

YOU – Little wave, shoulder shrug with a quick glance up.
TRANSLATION:I hope you have a great day, I hope life brings you joy and happiness my little friend.

SMALL FRIEND – Mouth smiles and reaches out:
TRANSLATION: Thanks, thanks for being here big person. HEY? I just noticed, ah! Are these fingers?

Or something to that effect. It’s your conversation.

It’s pretty amazing how universal this is. Little conversations, between two beings who can’t speak the same language, coming together, having little shared moments and simply wishing each other well.

When does that all get lost? When do we start staring at the sidewalk as people get close instead of looking happily into their eyes? When do the doubts and fears start creeping in? When do we start the distrust and begin shutting things down?

Do we need to? Sure, sometimes we need to be careful. But with everyone? Always? Is it possible to take that same openness and sharing of wonder and have a quick friendly exchange with someone you’re simply passing on the street or standing next to on the train?

If we ever meet, I’ll usually be smiling. It’s my friendly hello.

It throws people. They wonder what’s going on. They ask how, after having so much thrown at me, I continue to smile and be filled with joy.

My quick answer is “there’s too much suffering in this world not to smile.” Which usually leads to more confusion. I kinda like to do that…

What I mean is we all have struggles, pain and impossibly horrible situations. To the person going through them they hurt. Sometimes terribly. We can’t judge who suffers more. What we can do is offer a hand, some help, in my case a smile.

A simple gesture, but you’d be surprised the change it brings.


Remember, “in need” doesn’t have to mean in a tragic way, it can simply mean that someone is stuck or just feeling a little down and unable to move forward.

Sharing your story can possibly help someone travel down a path you’ve already tread.

Remember, share as much detail as possible. Many wonderful people are currently reading these posts for a good story, some insights or a little laugh.

Examples of what Anne and I share are our breathing lessons as well as the techniques we know that can lead to a more calm, joy filled life.

Your ideas don’t have to be grand, or huge gestures. Sometimes all anyone needs is a smile.


Thank you for your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and stories. They make our community a wonder filled, safe place to learn, share and grow.

Be calm and alway be well,

Take care,



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  • James
    Posted at 05:49h, 15 April Reply

    Great stuff Rich, yes, very true in so many ways. From 0 to 5 years a child’s brain is working from their non-developed frontal lobe, their continuous mind – where they don’t judge or have any preconceptions of life, just like a puppy. That’s why it does entrance us as this is there normal state of being, and not our grown up adult subconscious mind full off past hurts and emotional experiences.
    One off the most profound ways for us adults to go into this state off being is through meditation, just like a train journey when we stare out the window looking at the passing world around us and then all of a sudden you find yourself drifting off to your calm conscious mind that loving, warm place in our head that we leave behind at home every day before we lift our head from the pillow.
    This is a true lesson for us to take time in our busy life, in the morning, to meditate and take yourself purposely to this place of true tranquility instead of drifting off on the train for stolen seconds at a time. And yes Rich you are so right, we should remember this feeling and share it every day of our life’s. !!!

    • richsims
      Posted at 23:08h, 16 April Reply

      Hey James! Well said, I especially like the point you make about purposely taking yourself to a place… To many times we go through life reacting to what is going on around us instead of purposely aiming ourselves in a direction or attitude that we would like to be a part of our everyday lives. It’s important for us all to stay connected and aware of what’s going on around us. Be a part of it. Actually live our lives and help those around us when they need a little lift!

  • Romy
    Posted at 12:38h, 16 April Reply

    Being kind and helpful to everyone I encounter!

    • richsims
      Posted at 22:59h, 16 April Reply

      Absolutely! I know it’s not always an easy thing to do. But if we all at least keep it in the back of our minds it certainly will lead us in the right directions as well as helping and making the people you encounter feel better about themselves!

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